Can my children ride alongside in the buggy / SSV?

Yes, if they are 6 years or older.

• Category A driving license holders - authorized to drive motorcycles without CC limit and power, the minimum age is 24 years; • Category B driving license holders - authorized to drive 125cc motorcycles limited to 11kw & 01kg / kg, minimum age is 25 years. (Valid only for holders of a driving license issued by countries belonging to the European Union)

What's the minimum age required to rent a motorcycle?

Can I drive a motorcycle with my country's driving license

• Driving licenses issued in an alphabet other than Portuguese will only be valid if accompanied by an international driving license or a certified translation into Portuguese.

Can I leave the rental country with the bike?

• The lessee can only use the vehicle outside the Portuguese mainland in the continental Schengen Area and whose countries are covered by the international green card certificate, upon prior payment to the rental company of the supplement / fee called “Frontier Crossing” in the price list of services of the rental company currently in force, which may also require the reinforcement of the security provided by him up to the limit of the commercial value of the vehicle.

Do you rent clothes to ride a motorcycle?

• Yes, from extra helmets to men's / women's clothing

Can I use your station to change equipment / clothing?

• Yes, we have a specific fitting room for this purpose.

Do you deliver and collect motorcycles at the hotels?

• Upon logistical availability and with value to be indicated by the station

Can I take my GPS and the bike already has support?

• Yes, as long as the renter's GPS is compatible with the support installed on the motorcycle.

Do the bikes have a lock?

• No, all models have a steering lock on the steering column.

Is there a limit on the number of kilometers traveled each day?

• Motorcycles and tricycles: 400km / day, regardless of the number of rental days. In case of exceeding the established daily kilometers, 0.37€ will be charged for each additional kilometer traveled. • Quadricycles / ssv’s: Kilometers limited to pre-established routes.

May I cancel my reservation?

• All reservations and / or cancellations must be made in writing, by e-mail sent to or on the website ( of the rental company. • The cancellation of the reservation made will be free of charge if it is communicated at least 15 days before the time indicated for the collection of the vehicle. • The cancellation of a reservation made with less notice than that provided for in the previous number will imply the payment of the amount of 65€ . • If the reservation is not canceled and the person making the reservation does not show up to collect the vehicle at the scheduled time and place, the reservation will be considered canceled and then due, as compensation, the payment of the total amount of the reservation.

Can I upgrade / downgrade the reserved motorcycle category?

• Yes, subject to availability and payment / deduction of the difference in the fare amount.

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